Summer is almost here, and with summer, time has come to learn to sail! With an opportunity to truly engage with the beauty of the Puget Sound, Sail Kingston Cove provides potential sailors a chance to enjoy the lifelong sport of sailing.

The offered camps are open to children ages 8 to 17-years-old in two internationally recognized classes of sailboats, Optimists (Opti’s) and Flying Junior (FJ’s), focused on beginner and advanced beginner sailors.

As a program that prides itself on the complete educational experience, our focus expands beyond the typical, on-the-water course. So jump on board; the breeze is perfect!

Sign-up is first-come, first-served.

The sooner the registration form is submitted, the more likely you will receive a confirmation and get your first choice of class schedules.

Placement in all classes is subject to approval by the staff. Camp enrollment for each selection is limited.

See the Camp & Class Schedule.

Register and submit a check made payable to Sail Kingston Cove, as soon as possible.

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A staple of our program, cannot be overlooked.

Below is a list of rules and recommendations that parents and students must be aware of:


  • Students must provide their own Coast Guard approved Personal Floatation Device(PFD).
  • They have to wear their PFD/life jacket and close-toed shoes while on the dock at all times.
  • Sailors are encouraged to bring a towel, a change of clothes, sunscreen, a water bottle, sunglasses, and a hat. Gloves are an added bonus.
  • Sailors must bring their own lunch and water.
  • Sailors must be able to complete the swim check, which involves a student swimming 30 feet while wearing their life jacket(PFD).
  • Pick-up and drop-off For all Opti and FJ camps will be submitted under separate cover to parents after registration is confirmed.
  • COVID -19 Requirements will be submitted under separate cover after registration has been confirmed.
  • A student cannot begin a class until the registration form, waiver, and payment have been submitted.

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For answers to questions or more information:


Call us  360-860-2238.

We are looking forward to meeting parents and kids and enjoying a safe and fun summer learning to sail!